HE Elgamill refurbishment

The general machine configuration

Project overview

The HE Elgamill was to be moved from South Yorkshire to Country Durham within our customers group of companies.  This machine had been retro-fitted prior to our customers purchase of the machine.  This retro-fit had been achieved by adding a Heidenhain TNC 407A on top of a Fidia 11.  The machine had serious electrical and mechanical reliability problems, hence the brief to re-furbish and re-engineer the machine to improve reliability.

The project briefly comprised

The refurbished machine in County Durham

The refurbished Console, Screen and keyboard with new MTB panel The re-built Electrical panel with totally re-designed electrics and upgraded Heidenhain TNC407 Final inspection proved much improved accuracies

Removal of the machine from Yorkshire

The original Console wit both Fidia and Heidenhain displays The Panel with the Fidia and Heidenhain both functioning Stripping of the machine


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