Spare Parts

We will supply original parts, manufacture parts to suit or copy existing parts for any machine tool.  We have a substantial range of parts in stock and short lead times on many others.  Many parts can be made to order in our own machine shop.  We aim to deliver quality parts in the minimum time.  We also carry approved used spares stripped out of machines and inspected, many of these are redundant parts from Seymour Re-engineered machines.

We carry a range of spares both new and service ex-change for customer support.   This spares stock includes now obsolete but still very much in service items from many machine tools as Machine tools last longer than the production run of many for their component parts.

Many Seymour, Lang, Elgamill, Correa and other spares are in stock including;
  • Bevel Gears
  • Straight gears
  • Worm wheels
  • Worm shafts
  • Half Nuts
  • Bearings
  • Head castings
  • Selector handles
  • Hand Wheels
  • Specialised Greases
  • Shafts for Gears
  • Chucks
  • Servo Motors
  • Servo Drives
  • CNC Components
  • Cables
  • Buttons, actuators and Controls
  • Balance System components
  • Lead Screws
  • Ballscrews
  • Spindles
  • ... and much more


Elgamill X axis gearbox worm wheel

A selection of Lang parts

Elgamill gearbox gear and shaft

Siemens Spares

Many machines contain Siemens components and many machines with other brands of control system have Siemens servo Motors and Drives running them.   Our stocks include;

  • Servo Motors, 1FT5, 1FT6, 1FK7, 1PH6 and 1PH7
  • 611 Servo drives and components
  • Sinamics drives and components
  • CNC Components
  • Cables and Connectors

Heidenhain Spares

Both CNC and measuring systems components are stocked.   Our stocks include;

  • CNC Components
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Handwheels (HHUs)
  • Encoders
  • Scales and Reader Heads
  • Digital Servo interface cards
  • Many Siemens Drive and motors that were fitted to Heidenhain machines

Clutches and Brakes

Clutches and Brakes were the main stay of feed and speed control for many decades.   Many of the original clutches and brakes were the design of the machine tool manufacturer and specially made for the machines with many of these companies now no longer in existence.  Seymour has always supplied these clutches with many of them requiring special manufacture and components that were manufacture in house.   Our stocks include;

  • Elgamill Feed Clutches
  • Elgamill Spindle Brake and Run assemblies
  • Lang Feed clutches
  • Lang Brakes
  • Complete Clutch and Brake assemblies
  • Clutch / Brake Plates
  • Clutch Coils
  • Re-Wind and Rebuild services

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