Milling Heads
Right angle or universal Heads

Milling Heads

Whether your requirements are for Elgamill or any other head by any manufacturer, Seymour Engineering will provide the quality services that you require.  What ever your head type; Right angle, Snout Nose, Two Spindle ,Universal, Indexing, Auto-indexing ,High Speed or Servo, we have the knowledge, experience and facilities to meet your needs.

For Sale

Refurbished Elgamill Milling Heads available now.

Refurbished Elgamill Milling Heads, brought back to at least the original Specification.   Due to our large stock of spares and short lead times for manufacture we can refurbish existing heads or build new ones on short order, if we do not have a head to fit your requirements in stock.

Routine Maintenance

Universal heads require frequent routine maintenance to prevent catastrophic failures.  We can undertake this maintenance for you and produce a service schedule which will help to prevent expensive failures from occurring by ensuring that the heads are maintained correctly with suitable consumables.

Refurbish your universal head

We will refurbish any make of universal head.  A full removal, refurbish and reinstallation service is available.

Head Loans and exchanges

To help to keep you in production we can offer you a loan head while yours is being rebuilt.  This can be particularly useful when your head requires a lot of work to rebuild it.  Alternatively we can offer a part exchange service with your damaged head.  If you can plan your head rebuilds we can ensure that we have a suitable loan head ready so you have minimal production loss.

Spares supplied

We offer a full range of replacement spares for Universal heads.

New Heads

We manufacture complete, new heads to order.  many components are in stock.  Contact us with your requirements.


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